Woman Faces Jail Time for Writing 'Stop Putting Kids in Cages' Outside GOP Congressman Ken Buck's Office

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On Monday, local news channel Denver7 reported that a woman in Castle Rock, Colorado was charged with a misdemeanor after protesting outside Republican Congressman Ken Buck’s office, an act of dissent which included writing on the sidewalk in chalk.


The woman in question, Shauna Johnson, was there to speak out against the Trump administration’s monstrous policy of separating children and parents seeking asylum at the United States border. On the sidewalk in front of the congressman’s office, Johnson wrote, “Stop putting kids in cages Ken Buck, love Jesus and a cross.”

Denver 7 reported that it was the building’s management, and not Buck’s office, that called the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department following the incident, resulting in the misdemeanor charge related to scribbling in chalk on private property.

Johnson said of her ordeal, “I’m scared because I’ve never been threatened or intimidated like this before in my life. No one has ever told me they were going to put me in jail. I drive on cruise control because I don’t want to get a speeding ticket.”

A spokesperson for Buck sent the news station a statement saying, “Congressman Buck appreciates civic engagement and encourages his constituents to voice their opinions respectfully.” Which doesn’t quite sound like outrage over the potential imprisonment of one of his constituents for drawing pleading prayers for human rights in fucking chalk.

In an interview with KFKA radio earlier this month, Buck blamed immigrant parents, rather than the Trump administration, for the brutal cleaving of families this administration has overseen:

“I think it’s unfortunate when families are separated. But it’s also unfortunate when families make a decision to break the law [by coming here.] And there are consequences in this country. We are a country of rule – a country of laws. And we believe in the rule of law. And I think it’s just a sad reality that there is going to be some unfortunate separation of individuals when crimes are committed.”


Johnson added in her interview with Denver7 that she felt the powers that be are trying to “bully me into being quiet about a very serious issue.”

Speaking of which, on Tuesday, McClatchy reported that Trump is considering building tent cities in Texas where unaccompanied migrant children would be detained. It’s absolutely a story to remain fixated on, and more information will no doubt be available soon as to what could materially be done to counteract such a cruel and hateful proposal.

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The story about the tent city, aka camps, aka concentration camps is disgusting.

America has never lived up to the ideals that we supposedly represent. I know this, and it’s a stain on our history. However, I thought we were moving in the right direction.

In a year and a half, trump has alienated us from our allies, cozied up with brutal dictators, attacked the free press, decimated the state department, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If we saw what was happening here, in any other country, particularly filled with Muslims or any other kind of brown people, we would call it for what it is.

Democracy isn’t dying in the darkness it’s being brutally slaughtered in broad daylight.