Woman Endured 75 Days of Lying Upside Down in Labor to Save Her Babies

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Tales of epicly long labors usually involve a matter of many hours, or maybe even a few days. But one woman in Poland has laid all of those tales to waste: She was in labor for a whopping 75 days. Fortunately for her, it wasn't all active labor with full-force contractions, but it still sounds hellish.


Joanna Krzysztonek was carrying triplets when she went into labor extremely early. One of the fetuses was born prematurely and died. So, to save the other two, the doctors had her do something unusual: lay nearly upside down in an attempt to keep the babies in. She assumed the awkward position and held it for weeks. Fortunately, her doctor said they managed to ease her contractions, but she was considered to be in labor from the time the first child was born. Finally, after two and a half months of lying almost upside down, on February 15th, she gave birth to a Iga, a girl, and Ignacy, a boy.

The babies were born at 32 weeks and are still in the hospital, but they're expected to go home soon. Joanna had problems balancing after she no longer had to be upside down, but she's adjusted and is able to visit her babies. It's a good thing everything worked out after all of the difficulty, and this will probably make excellent leverage for the future. "I didn't lie upside down for 75 days so you could talk to me like that, young man!" "I was upside down for 75 days so you could be here. The least you could do is bring me breakfast in bed!"


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I'm really not snarking in a laugh-at-this-culture way, but I did have to read those names three times. Iga? Okay. But Ignacy?

Maybe you would have to be raised by Alabamians to see my humor here. I can hear my daddy saying it..

"That there, thats jus' ignacy."