Woman Drinks Two Gallons of Coca-Cola a Day, Dies

A 30-year-old New Zealand "Coca-Cola addict" suffered a heart attack and died, due to insufficient potassium and (possibly) excessive levels of caffiene brought on by her 8- to 10-liter per day Coke habit.

According to her husband, the mother of two EIGHT supplemented her all-Coke diet with little besides nicotine and more delicious Coke:

Harris' partner, Chris Hodgkinson, testified that Harris drank between 8 and 10 liters (2.1 and 2.6 gallons) of regular Coke every day — that's more than 20 12-ounce drinks.

"The first thing she would do in the morning was to have a drink of Coke beside her bed and the last thing she would do at night was have a drink of Coke," Hodgkinson said in a deposition. "She was addicted to Coke."

Hodgkinson also said Harris ate little and smoked about 30 cigarettes a day. In the months before her death, he said, Harris experienced blood pressure problems and lacked energy.


And then she died. (Deepest condolences to her family, who must be dealing not only with the devastating loss of a parent and partner, but also the mindfuck of knowing your mom kinda got murdered by a soft drink.)

Now, the lesson here, obviously, isn't that you shouldn't drink Coca-Cola—it's that you shouldn't drink two gallons of Coca-Cola per day. Because you know what? You shouldn't drink two gallons of WATER per day (the recommended intake for women is just over 2 liters). If you look at the ingredients of, say, Mexican Coke, it's basically just water, sugar, some acid, and "natural flavors." There's probably sodium in there too. So, in other words...it's all the stuff we put in all food to make it taste good. It's taste-good syrup. W-evs. Drink it on special occasions (and/or hangover days).


And also, to all the anti-soda evangelists yelling about how "Coca-Cola can dissolve a t-bone steak in three days!!!!!"—you know what else will dissolve a t-bone steak in three days? YOUR FUCKING STOMACH ACID. I think your innards will be fine, precious flowers.

Photo credit: (C) donatas1205 / Stockfresh.

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