Woman Dies During Illegal Butt-Enhancement Surgery

You're probably already wary of anyone who practices medicine out of a hotel room, but this story really underscores the risks.

The Associated Press reports a 20-year-old British woman died on Tuesday after receiving an illegal injection of liquid silicone in her buttocks at a Hampton Inn in Philadelphia. The woman had traveled from London over the weekend with three other people. Two had already trekked to Philadelphia for butt-enlarging procedures in November, and on this trip one had another injection and another had hip augmentation.


After the injection, the young woman experienced chest pains and trouble breathing and was taken to the hospital, where she died. According to My Fox Philadelphia, police believe they've found the woman who gave the injections. They're still trying to determine if she's a licensed nurse or nurse practitioner.

Police Investigate Death Of Woman Following Cosmetic Buttocks Injection At Philadelphia Hotel [AP]
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Image via Istvan Csak/Shutterstock.

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