Woman Dentist Gets Back at Ex-Boyfriend By Pulling Out All His Teeth [Update: Or Not!]

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If you'd just broken up with a dentist, you probably wouldn't go back to her office for help with a toothache a few days later—what with all the sharp objects and opportunities for inflicting pain. And yet, for some reason, that is exactly what Marek Olszewski of Poland did. But rather than get revenge by just being a little extra jabby with the novocaine needle, his ex-lover, dentist Anna Mackowiak, allegedly gave Olszewski a massive dose of anesthetic and then pulled out every one of his teeth while he lay there unconscious. Yikes!


She then wrapped his jaw with bandages—so he couldn't open his mouth—and walked away. When her 45-year-old former flame came to, he says, "I knew something was wrong because when I woke up I couldn't feel any teeth and my jaw was strapped up with bandages." But he apparently didn't realize the extent of what she'd done to him until he arrived back at his apartment: "[W]hen I got home I looked in the mirror and couldn't f—-ing believe it. The b—-h had emptied my mouth." Yeah, that is definitely right up there on the break-up nightmare scenarios list.

As for her side of the story, Mackowiak, who is 34, said, "I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions. But when I saw him lying there I just thought, ‘What a bastard.'" A bastard, maybe, but that's still a pretty epic professionalism fail. His torture didn't end there, because Olszewski said his new girlfriend dumped him because she didn't want to be with a man who didn't have teeth. Wait, how did he get a new girlfriend just days after breaking up with his dentist lady love? Maybe that's part of why she thought he was such a bastard. Either way, everyone lost in this situation. Olszewski is now going to have to get dental implants (from another dentist, one assumes), and Mackowiak is rightly being investigated for medical malpractice.

Update: It looks like this tale was too crazy to be true. It's been discovered that the police in the area where the incident supposedly occurred say it didn't happen, and there is no record of a dentist named Anna Mackowiak. While we may have been duped, the good news is that nobody actually lost their teeth or their mind.

Sweet revenge: Dentist pulls ALL of ex-boyfriend's teeth out after getting dumped [New York Daily News]

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Oh my god. That is not okay! Why wasen't she just fired on the spot? Who would ever let her practice any dentalwork on them after learning this about her?