Janine and Jason Macallister have been unsuccessfully trying to have a child for many years. Janine decided to look into fertility treatments—and was deemed "ineligible" because Jason already has two biological children of his own.

Jason's two daughters, from a previous relationship, currently live with their mother, and not with Jason and Janine, who have been married for three years. Macallister believes that Telford & Wrekin PCT, the fertility clinic denying her treatment, (even though, as The Telegraph points out, "the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence says three full cycles of IVF treatment should be provided for women aged between 23 and 39 who have had fertility problems for at least 3 years,") is unfairly labeling the couple as one person, as opposed to two individuals with separate reproductive rights. "I am the one who has the problem, not my husband and I am the one in need of treatment, not my husband," Macallister says, "I would completely understand you denying us treatment if we already had a child together, which is not the case." A spokeswoman for Telford & Wretkin PCT claims that their "policy regarding fertility treatment is currently under review."


Woman Denied Fertility Treatment Because Husband Has Children [Telegraph]

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