In an unusual turn of events, a woman in Virginia who sought spiritual help from a priest has claimed that he repeatedly sexually abused her during a "more than two-year exorcism." She initially went to Rev. Thomas Euteneur, who was president of a group called Human Life International, in February of 2008. He apparently knew that the woman thought she needed an exorcism, and he told her her case was "severe."
He had her sign an agreement in which she promised full cooperation. Then, during multiple sessions with her, he touched her inappropriately ("including digital penetration") and made her undress. He even explained away his passionate kisses by saying he was "blowing the Holy Spirit" into her. Oh, no. She eventually figured out that this wasn't part of a typical exorcism and filed a complaint with the diocese. Euteneur admits he was "violating the boundaries of chastity with an adult female who was under my spiritual care," but he denies that it involved "the sexual act." Hmm. The victim has already reached a financial settlement with Euteneur, but she recently filed a lawsuit seeking $5.3 million in damages from the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, the bishop, and the anti-abortion ministry that Euteneur worked for.

Va. Woman Claims Exorcism Turned to Sexual Abuse [NBC Washington]

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