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Woman Can't Close Eyes Due To Plastic Surgery

Illustration for article titled Woman Cant Close Eyes Due To Plastic Surgery

Marilyn Leisz of New Jersey is suing her plastic surgeon for negligence after a procedure left her unable to fully close her eyes. The doctor claims that she was well aware that having to literally sleep with two eyes open was a risk when she agreed to get eyelid surgery.


Click to viewAnother doctor testified on Leisz's behalf, saying she wasn't a good candidate for the surgery because after many other procedures, "there's so little skin left." Leisz told CBS News that she uses gel at night an a vaporizer and is constantly afraid of injuring her eyes. "All the favorite things I used to, like tennis, racquetball, swimming, horseback riding, bike riding, skeet shooting, gardening, I can't do those things," Leisz said. A jury is currently deliberating the case.

Woman Unable To Close Eyes Now Suing N.J. Plastic Surgeon [CBS News]

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I found an article that said she had this same procedure (blepharoplasty) two times before the last/third procedure. Which makes me think two things:

1. She should have known the risks by the third surgery.

2. After having two surgeries already, the new doctor shouldn't have operated.

And yes, plastic surgeons do have the responsibility of not performing a surgery on someone who really should not be having the surgery. There is such as a thing as ethics in the medicine world, I know it's shocking, but there is. He should have refused to do the surgery, and I don't care if everyone wants to laugh at the rich woman's misfortune. I don't really think she should get a wind fall settlement, but I do think the doctor should be reprimanded somehow.