Woman Buys a Box of Tampons, Discovers They Come with Free Cocaine

Boxes of tampons aren't usually like Cracker Jacks, where you expect to find a prize inside. But one woman in Utah recently discovered that her tampons came with an added bonus of some free cocaine. Anybody ready for a period party? Umm, yeah, not so much. Anyway, after purchasing a sealed box of tampons at a local salvage store in Salt Lake City, Cindy Davidson opened it and saw that some of the tampons inside had been altered. Specifically, they'd taken out the tampon and packed the applicator with a white powdery substance wrapped in cellophane. The cellophane was so tightly taped that Cindy couldn't get it open and didn't know what was inside. She was going to wait until the next day to call the manufacturer, but then she thought better of it: "I started getting nervous because I thought it might have been a terrorist attack." Attack of the terrorist tampon!

She called the police instead, who sent a hazmat team. They quickly determined that they were dealing with good old-fashioned cocaine, which some clever smuggler had clearly been trying to move. Somewhere the plan must have gotten off track, because his product ended up in Cindy's house instead. The police are investigating, and the store has pulled the rest of the brand's boxes from the shelf. Cindy still can't quite believe this happened to her. She said, "I really couldn't wrap my head around it. … It was just crazy to me." As crazy as it is, it could have been a lot crazier, like if she hadn't noticed the applicator was chock full of coke BEFORE inserting it into her body.


Woman buys tampons stuffed with cocaine at local store [KSL via Consumerist]

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