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Woman Breaks Up with Drum Kit for the Statue of Liberty

Amanda Whittaker, 27, is an objectum sexual who recently ended a 10-year relationship with a drum kit and is now in a long distance love affair with the Statue of Liberty or "Libby." Whittaker says she would marry Lady Liberty, but doesn't think it would be fair to others in her situation.


Boiled down, this is just a non-traditional twist on a very common story: High school girl falls in love with drummer because she likes his shape and recklessness, comes to her senses and ends up in a relationship with a solid woman. Go your own way, Amanda.

Lady ended passionate affair with drumkit and fell in love with the Statue of Liberty [Nothing To Do With Arbroath]

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The rational side of me is saying "You're not hurting anyone and you're coping with life in this way, so go ahead. The Lucille Bluth in me is saying...