Woman Arrested For Overdue Books • Study Says 33% Of Women Like Cat-Calls

A woman in Grafton, Wisconsin was arrested for two overdue library books (Angels and Demons and White Oleander) and plans to never give them back after she paid a $170 fine. • A points-based credit card company, Nectar Business, has found that 1/3rd of women say they enjoy attention from construction workers. Amazingly random and unscientific! • Should new parents give away their pets when they have a baby? • A new children's book, The Princess Bubble, downplays the importance of finding a handsome prince to be happy. •• Five interesting facts about Charlie's Angels: The show was first pitched as Alley Cats and showed the women more negatively. • A poll from the UK's Channel 4 reveals that members of the average British household spends 34 minutes a day shouting at each other. • A tall woman discusses the lonely life of the world's tallest woman after her passing. • The city of Calgary, Alberta has OK'd the wearing of hijabs and sari's in public swimming pools, but the wearers will have to stay away from the deep end. • Can you tell a Marcel from a French wist? A beehive from a pompadour? Take this quiz. • Check out Wayne Titus and his daughter Tina Titus, a father-daughter car-racing team and the first father-daughter series champions at the Oxford Plains race.


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