Woman Arrested for Forcing Other, 52-Year Old Woman Into Prostitution

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A 55-year old Nashville woman was arrested for forcing another, 52-year old woman into prostitution.


Fenshan Quan, 55, was booked into the Metro jail in lieu of $55,000 bond. [On] Friday night, an undercover Metro police officer responded to an internet ad for an erotic massage. Upon arrival, Quan reportedly motioned for another woman of Asian descent to join the officer.

She agreed to perform a sex act for $100, after which detectives moved in to arrest the two women. During questioning, authorities said the victim, a 52-year-old, was visibly shaken and appeared to fear Quan. She reported Quan arranged for her to be flown in from New York earlier in the week and that she was directed to perform sex acts on multiple men over the past few days.


The younger woman has since been taken in by an agency that aids victims of sex trafficking—but it goes to show that, sadly, human trafficking knows no limits when it comes to geographical borders, age limits or cultures.

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Fire In The Hole

I suspect a bit of this in the large nail salon I go to - several of the women are encouraged to give customers their personal business cards - no mention of the salon on the card, just a name and number.