Woman Adopts Cat That Turns Out to Be a Real Life-Saver

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Usually when someone adopts a pet, we say the animal got lucky, but in the case of one Wisconsin woman, it's the other way around. The cat she adopted ended up saving her life the very first night she brought him home. It all began when Amy Jung took her son Ethan to the Door County Humane society a few weeks ago just to play with the cats, but then she saw Pudding lying on the counter and instantly decided to adopt him and his friend Wimsy. Pudding, who weighs in at a sturdy 21 pounds and is a lovely orange color, immediately settled in to his new home.


That night, Amy, who has diabetes, went to bed and some time later started having a diabetic seizure. Pudding jumped on her and tried to wake her, even swatting her face and biting her on the nose. It worked, and she stopped convulsing long enough to call out to her son—but he didn't hear her. That's when Pudding really got creative. He ran into Ethan's room and jumped on his bed. That woke Ethan up, and he was able to get help. No word on where Wimsy was during all of the commotion, but he better pick up his game if he wants to compete with Pudding on the awesomeness front.

Amy is convinced that if it wasn't for her now beloved Pudding, she would have died that night, "If something or someone hadn't pulled me out of that, I wouldn't be here." What's extra amazing is that Pudding will now sit at her feet and meow if he senses her blood sugar is low. She is registering Pudding as a therapy animal, since he clearly knows how to take good care of her. So now they'll never have to be apart from each other. Please join me in trying to resist the urge to run to the nearest animal shelter and adopt like 20 cats right this second.

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Do you know why? It's because orange cats are the BEST CATS IN THE WORLD! I am biased though, isn't my girl the cutest? However if she wants to start competing with Pudding, she's going to need to do more that just 'helping' me to tie my shoelaces.