Woman Accused Of "Sex By Fraud" After Posing As A Man

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A Scottish woman has been accused of "obtaining sex by fraud" after she slept with several women while posing as a man for eight years.


In the slavering words of AsiaOne, "For eight years, Samantha Brooks took on the identity of Lee James Brooks in order to trick other women into bed. She even proposed to one of them at one point." The first offense is alleged to have taken place over a span of eight years; the other in 2010. According to some accounts, Brooks also allegedly assaulted both women, which she denies.

We're guessing there was more to it than a mere desire to "trick women into bed," but so far few details are available. Or, rather, few pertinent ones: there are many lurid details about how, exactly, Brooks managed the deception, including claiming an injury to explain her bandaged chest and telling her partners that she'd had testicular cancer. Also, that she peed standing up. But we don't know anything about the state of mind of Brooks, whether she feared detection, how her sex was discovered, or what prompted her accusers to come forward. "Sex by fraud" cases are always complicated, but if true this would seem to be a relatively straightforward one. That said, it's impossible to know anything concrete — and the lurid write-ups — one of which actually refers to Brooks, bizarrely, as "a scheming woman" — aren't exactly helping.

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This story sounds a lot like that of jazz pianist Billy Tipton, who lived as a transman for decades. He apparently bound his breasts and always wore boxers and t-shirts, claiming that he'd been in a serious car accident and had a disfigured torso. Several of his girlfriend claimed they never knew he was biologically female; Tipton's own adopted son said he didn't know until his father died.

While any alleged assault is a different story, I never realized "sex by fraud" was an actual criminal charge. If Brooks didn't tell his partners that he was biologically female or denied it, then that was definitely a dick move, but a criminal one?