Woman Accidentally Becomes 87th Best Attraction in Glasgow

I've never been to a carpet factory, but I have watched several YouTube videos of carpets being made and would definitely rank such a factory among the top 50 attractions of any particular city. Templeton's Carpet Factory in Scotland, however, had to take a back seat to one Mary Johnston who, for one glorious day, inadvertently became Glasgow's 87th top attraction, beating out not only the carpet factory but also an arena in which Beyonce once performed.


It's not clear how Mary Johnston ended up on the list of attractions, but one minute she's posting a review of an establishment in Amsterdam, and the next reviews are being written about her. While it doesn't appear that Johnston was added to TripAdvisor out of ill intent (businesses must be approved before they're added to the site and a glitch is suspected), there's been no answer to how exactly she ended up open for business and ready for reviews.

Several reviews were posted before anyone noticed that Johnston, while ranking 18th out of 29 on a list of Glasgow's museums, was a person, not an attraction. (One hint was that Johnston's picture had been published sideways. And was of a woman instead of a well-tended building.)

From The Scotsman:

One Trip Advisor, Perrierdoumbe, wrote in his review of Mary: "This attraction wasn't in the guidebooks but is fun for all the family if you're a fan of people called Mary or rotationally-challenged photos.

The doorman seemed a bit grumpy though and didn't seem to want to let us in."

Jon Pavelin wrote: "I've met other Mary Johnstons around the world but never a sideways one. Mary, put the kettle on, i'm on my way round after work the night. Top banana."

For her part, Johnston seemed good-natured about her brief brush with fame, telling The Scotsman "At least it is a good picture of me."


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