With Obama On Vacation, Republicans Turn On Their Own

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  • Hey, did you forget, Barack is on vacation? In a "foreign, exotic place," according to some, where he does wacky, un-American things like visit his grandmother, his sister and take very cute walks on the beach with his daughter Malia. Totally un-American of him. [HuffPo, Crooks&Liars]
  • A McCain supporter shook Cindy McCain's hand so hard today that he sprained it. Even when they like you, fervent Republicans can still hurt you! [The Atlantic]
  • Speaking of, some of them are using Bill Kristol to spread a rumor that former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell will endorse Obama. Kristol's not sure why (pssst, Bill, you're supposed to say it's because they're both black), but we're pretty sure it has to do with the fact that the Republicans just want to smear Powell. [Fox News]
  • In other Krazy Konsertive news, one of them went into the offices of the Arkansas Democratic Party today and assassinated its Chairman, Bill Gwatney. He was later killed by police after a chase. [NY Times]
  • The Taliban today ambushed another group of aid workers, killing 3 women (including one American). If the whole of the Taliban can't provide medical relief to the Afghan people, they'll be damned if they'll let a couple of women do it for them. [Washington Post]
  • And the Unabomber objects to having his cabin displayed in the Newseum in Washington. I object to a museum that's supposed to be dedicated to the study of the world of journalism turning itself into a disaster porn exhibit to justify its $20 entrance fee, but that's just me. [Washington Post]

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@randomthoughts: From what I've come across (mostly from funnyface, former resident of AR) it sounds like Gwatney owned multiple car dealerships. Apparently this guy worked for one and was recently fired. I know the whole thing seems kind of wacky right now, but I'm kind of looking at it as a last act of a really desperate guy. Clearly it was totally unwarranted, but you have to wonder why this man was so put out by losing his job? I guess I just want to blame George Bush, for creating such a shit economy that someone is so scared about losing his job he loses his mind and does something like this.