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With a writing career that has spanned four decades, it should be no surprise that Judy Blume as seen some shit. In an interview with the Guardian's Alison Flood, Blume opens up about the hate-mail she's received, book-banning, and writing about puberty, among other things.


On pro-lifers' response to her speaking out on behalf of Planned Parenthood:

"I went to a couple of places two years ago and I got seven hundred and something hate-mail warnings – 'We know where you are going to be and we'll be there waiting for you', that sort of thing," says Blume. "My publisher sent me with a bodyguard. He was wonderful, I loved knowing he was there. And nothing happened and probably nothing would have happened, but it was very scary."


On censorship:

"When I started, in the 70s, it was a good time for children's book writers. Children's reading was much freer than in the 80s, when censorship started; when we elected Ronald Reagan and the conservatives decided that they would decide not just what their children would read but what all children would read, it went crazy. My feeling in the beginning was wait, this is America: we don't have censorship, we have, you know, freedom to read, freedom to write, freedom of the press, we don't do this, we don't ban books. But then they did."

Check out the whole interview here. It's a wonderful read.


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What kind of miscreant would threaten Judy Blume's life? What ooze lagoon do you exist in where this would be a good idea? Oh yeah I'm pro life so I'll threaten the life of a children's book author, good thinking assholes.