Wise Advice from Sarah Silverman: The Way to a Woman's Heart Is Never Through a Mandatory Vaginal Ultrasound

Sarah Silverman, on behalf of A Is For and women everywhere, is reaching out to all you bros out there to ask a very important question: Don't you think it's time that you got a little more on board with this whole pro-choice thing? "I'm not saying that I'm looking for a hero," Silverman says. "I'm not saying that I'm looking to be saved, but does the fight have to be yours for you to take it on? Let me tell you something, bro: If anybody messed with you, bro, I'd be all over it. I've got bros who don't even have the same rights as me because they love other bros and I'm all over that shit."

Silverman goes on to give advice on the worst way to a woman's heart, the mutual benefits of contraceptive equality and how, if you have literally no understanding of how a woman's parts work, you probably shouldn't be the one determining her reproductive choices. Our only response is PREACH.


Be Bro-Choice: A Public Service Announcement from Sarah Silverman from Sarah Silverman

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