Wisconsin resident Manishkumar Patel, 34, was charged first-degree intentional homicide of an unborn child, among other charges, after he secretly slipped RU-486 (aka the abortion pill) into his 39-year-old pregnant girlfriend's food and drink, causing her to have a miscarriage. The girlfriend, Darshana Patel (no relation to Manishkumar) became suspicious of her BF after she saw him "frantically" mixing something into her smoothie. She didn't drink the smoothie, but had been consuming other food and drinks he'd made for her since she'd announced her pregnancy. Thinking he could've caused the miscarriage, as well as the miscarriage she suffered last year, Darshana brought the smoothie to the police, who had it tested and found traces of the drug. They searched his home, and found many more pills, which Manishkumar — who is married with a child — said he had shipped from India. It's too bad Darshana isn't able to take the Plan C pill. [JS Online]


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@lolly71: *blink* *blink* Are you serious? What? No! What?! FRITO PIE!? Madness! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go eat some raw fish with two sticks.

Thanks for the insight, Lolly. Where are you from, may I ask? I've only ever lived on the coasts (Grew up in Connecticut, school in New York, 2 years in Los Angeles, currently in New York City) so I guess while I've been fortunate enough to have easy access to INTERnational foods, I've missed out on national treats (Had jell-o for the first time a couple months ago: actually quite yummy!)