Winter Is Wealth Wonderland for Snow Shoveling Teens

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All of this polar vortex nonsense might have you at your wit’s end, but for the kids who shovel driveways, it's baller season.

"This winter alone, I have brought in around $600,” says Jacob Rosenfeld, who’s such a pro that he even uses a specialized credit-card reader called Square to collect payments. “People don’t have cash on them, so to remedy my issue, I started taking credit cards. It’s defeated those awkward situations in which my customers owe me money.”


Rosenfeld, by the way, is a 15-year-old who takes credit cards on his phone. Step up your game, people. Kids like Rosenfeld are even engaging in business warfare of sorts, like when there's inclimate weather but their school doesn't call a snow day and shit gets real.

“My biggest competition are the trucks and landscapers; I think they charge $50 to $75,” Alex Berger, 13, says. “Depending on size of driveway, my rates are $30 to $40. Normally no one tries to bargain.”

Elsewhere, youngster Danny Markham has earned $1,000 and is described as particularly “ruthless” by the New York Post.

“All my friends are wondering where the money is coming from,” he says. But when a pal tried to horn in on the action, Markham emphasized he’s a solo snow artist. “I don’t want to split the profit, so I told him no,” he says. “Also, he only has a shovel.”

Markham prefers a snowblower and even utilizes surge pricing, charging $60 for “super snowfall,” a full $20 hike from his usual pricing.

As for the parents of the snow shovelers, they couldn't be happier. All of this entrepreneurial spirit means fewer cash requests.

“He doesn’t ask me for money now!” one mom raved. “I told him he’s going to have a Lamborghini by the summer!”


Maybe not a Lambo, but a new camera lens, sneakers — $200 Kevin “Long Arms” Durant All-Stars to be exact — and $400 Air Jordans are the hopeful spoils these kids are aiming for with all of this snow cash. Meanwhile, the snow men’s parents are probably just thrilled these kids are learning the value of a dollar — or you know, Square. Capitalism: drink it in with an after school cookie or something.

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