Winona Ryder Becomes the Face Of Marc Jacobs's 2016 Beauty Campaign

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Marc Jacobs’s Spring 2016 Beauty campaign features the face of the woman who can shake it to both Harry Belafonte and The Knack, pull off a mean circa-1980s blazer and, while she’s at it, embody a beloved American literature heroine. Oh yes, my babies, I’m talking about Our Lady Winona Ryder.

According to Allure, this will be Ryder’s first beauty campaign. In a recent interview with the magazine she described the intensity of the inaugural photo shoot, as well as her adjustment to a model’s relationship with a camera:

“It was a long day, but an amazing one. I hate to sound so clichéd, but it was a lot of fun. Look, I’m not a model, so doing any kind of fashion shoot I need a little bit of help in terms of the fact that I don’t naturally fall into poses or whatever. I’m always trying to get camera guys to tell me what side is the better one for me because an an [sic] actress, it’s important not to be aware of stuff like that.”


I am also terrible at posing, Winona! I always knew we were kindred spirits — how does lunch sound tomorrow?

Jacobs posted the following teaser photo to his Instagram account today: Ryder’s pixie face gently presses against glass, and, save for the sharp angle of her eyeliner, she embraces the camera with soft luminosity. I’m reminded a bit of Audrey Hepburn (perhaps it’s the pearls).

Jacobs comments, “[Ryder] does not model the look she gets into the role — and exudes it! A brilliant mind, talent, and physical beauty like no other.”


How very.

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