Winehouse + Cavalli = Animal Prints And Cigarettes

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  • Oh sweet Jesus: Is Amy Winehouse going to be the new face of Roberto Cavalli? And if so, who would be sullying whose image? Though the rumors are still unconfirmed, Cavalli has said in the past, "She is a fashion icon because she is unique." [Vogue UK]
  • This weekend, American starlets flew to Shanghai to celebrate Ferragamo's 80th anniversary and the launch of its new fragrance, Tuscan Sun. [Vogue UK]
  • You see, Ferragamo hopes to exploit the people of China because they have so much money to spend on luxury goods. [Guardian]
  • Adidas, however, is paying its Chinese workers about $5 a week. Good times. [Times of London]
  • Miuccia Prada will fire you if you eat lunch at your desk. [Page Six]
  • Oh the heartbreak that comes with working as a fashion designer! Before Anna Wintour made Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte go on a diet, the designing duo could hardly afford to eat. Says Laura, "I became a waitress. We sold everything that we owned. We also sold Kate's record collection, which was immense and very in-depth." [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Your jeans do not need microdermabrasion. [Chic Report]
  • Us: Skeptical of "HD" make-up. [LATimes]
  • Lucky Brand: Now doing watches. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Coach: Still selling lots of expensive shit. [Business Week]
  • And Hugo Boss is like, totally okay, even though it's in debt. [Reuters]
  • Gucci: Wants to be big in India. [Times of India]
  • Moscow Fashion Week is big in...Russia. [NYT]
  • If I had clothes with sensors in them that could detect my mood, they would tell you that I'm a little sleepy, a little hungry, and wishing it were fucking spring already. [Science Daily]



My high-definition makeup advice: Don't wear too much, don't wear sunscreen (it reflects light and makes you look washed out) and cover it all with translucent powder. It's how I managed to look like fucking Miss America in my old driver's license picture.

Also, my boy's not allowed to eat at his desk, either. And he does not work at Prada. Or at anything resembling Prada. His boss is just anal and they spent a lot of money renovating their kitchen a few years ago.

I have no place other than my desk to eat because (a) I like to Jez with my lunch and (b) our break room smells like stale coffee and (c) is where the bathrooms are (like, you open a door to the breakroom, and then the doors to the bathroom are in the break room, so you have to go through the breakroom to pee).