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Willow Smith's New Single Brimming With Her Signature Braggadocio

Illustration for article titled Willow Smiths New Single Brimming With Her Signature Braggadocio

Willow Smith, who was born in the year 2000, has a new track titled "21st Century Girl." A follow-up to the swaggerific "Whip My Hair," this new song is a bouncy piece of fluff that most dancers would be glad to fist-pump to, and the lyrics speak of Willow's ambition: "I feel like I can take over the world/If only I get my dreams out/Pull gold from my soul/Pull diamonds from my heart/It's that new girl thinking and this song is just the start!"

It's not surprising that Willow's super confident — after all, she's a 10-year-old pop star, and not because her family needs the money. But is every song she releases going to be about how bold and secure she is? On the other hand, it's certainly better than lyrics about Jack Daniels and sex, especially if kids around the country are going to be parroting the words. You've got to go with what you know, and what she knows is that she feels like she can take over the world — her parents are internationally famous and filthy rich, so why not? Also, when she sings, "I'm the kind of chick/That knocks you off your feet," you can't help but believe her.


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i don't think ten year olds should be pop stars. she should be ten.