Williams Sisters Closer To Wimbledon Finals • Ignored Woman Dies On ER Floor In Brooklyn Hospital

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The Williams sisters could both qualify for the Wimbledon final as they both reached the semifinals. • Missouri, the home of Megan Meier, has outlawed harassment via computers, text messages and other electronic devices. • A woman collapsed and was ignored by patients, doctors, and security guards as she died on the floor of an emergency room in Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn. Absolutely disgusting behavior from these people. •"Divorce experts" report that a rocky marriage could have something to do with birth order/ believing ridiculous claims about divorce. • Protests of a teen girl's death in China have forced police to reopen the case and highlight the growing distrust of local officials by Chinese citizens.

• "Experts" claim that U.S. society has more sympathy and interest in female fugitives after they compare a boring male fugitive with a drug-selling female fugitive. • Barbara Morgan, a female astronaut who has logged 305 hours in space, will leave NASA to become an educator at Boise State University. • If Aunt Flo keeps visiting you more often (less than 21 days since her last sojurn) then you might be in the early stages of "the change"! • A rival HPV vaccine similar to Gardasil faces further delays for FDA approval. • A Chinese woman has rescued 100 stray and injured pup-pups after the earthquake (with slideshow!). • An animal study suggests that a diet of junkfood for pregnant and breastfeeding women is bad for the child. Did we really need animal testing to tell us the obvious? • A woman plows into a convenience store and tries to buy a six-pack of beer in Norwalk, CA. • A woman kidnaps and murders a pregnant woman, cut baby from her womb, and tried to pass off the child as her own. • Elizabeth, Illinois tries to gather the greatest number of Lizes, creating a world record with about 400 'Beths. • Meet Purimopueru, a Japanese toy that is meant to substitute a grandchild (or, sometimes child) for older women as birthrates drop in Japan.

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I watched the video. There is no question that this was gross negligence/misconduct. I also watched the NYCLU press conference. These monsters faked the documentation, apparently not realizing the whole thing was on camera. I am sick to my stomach that people can be so uncaring, especially in the medical profession. It's not like a psych emergency room is a place where people just wander in off the street. She had been admitted and was a PATIENT. I am incredulous.