Last week, Joy Behar said that they don't want men as panelists on The View, because people don't care what men have to say when they tune in to watch that show. And that's so true. But what's great about women's daytime talk shows is that when men actually do go on, they behave so much differently than they do on other shows, and we learn something new about them that we wouldn't have otherwise known. For instance, William Shatner is a huge Oprah fan, and looks to Dr. Oz's advice on poop shape. And we learned that presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee—who bonded with Tyra over food issues—doesn't like carrots. Hmm, interesting. Maybe 'cause it's phallus shaped and he doesn't want to put it in his mouth because God did not intend for that type of union? Anyway, all that and weaves in the clip above and more after the jump.

OK, just two more things really. LOL on the nips:

And LOL on the acne: