Will Your Facebook Profile Get You Hired or Fired?

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How conscientious do you seem on Facebook? Do you come off as intelligent? These are the questions a new personality test can answer for potential employers based on your vacation photos, wonky articles posts and sarcastic comments on your friends baby photos.


A company called Five Labs has created a Facebook analyzer that scans you and your friends’ updates to dissect your language. From that information, the program measures how much you show the five following personality traits, according to The Muse:

Agreeableness (how cooperative and trusting you are)
Neuroticism (how easily you experience unpleasant emotions)
Conscientiousness (how dependable you are)
Extraversion (how socially energetic you are)
Openness (how intellectually curious you are)

Based on these pegs, the analyzer will give you a profile with a percentage of how much you fall into each personality bucket. You can also compare yourself to other Facebook friends who've taken the same test and see how you compare.

The tool is still in the beginning stages and isn’t a hardcore hiring weapon yet, but it’s clear how it could be. It could also poses problems because who you are online might not be who you are in an office setting. Maybe you’re awesome at work, but you like to go home and be crazy on the Internet? Technically, non-friends can’t see what you post on Facebook — but let’s be honest, the Internet is open to whomever is interested enough to crack your code.

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I got: inventive • solitary • analytical • secure • efficient

Pretty accurate. Not very interesting though. I sound like a well-made calculator.