Will Your City Be Airing Randall Terry's Gross Fetus Ad During the Super Bowl?

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Operation Rescue's Talking Sphincter-in-Charge Randall Terry is running for President as a Democrat, and he's using federal election law to force TV stations to air his graphic bloody fetus campaign ads during the Super Bowl. Will his propaganda be encouraging you to barf up your nachos on a TV near you this Sunday? Let's find out!

Mother Jones has gotten hold of a copy of the (not-so) exhaustive list of places that will be airing Terry's Fetus Bowl, and when the ads will be airing so you know to excuse yourself from the room beforehand. Thankfully, no one who lives in any of these cities cares about either the New England Patriots or the New York Giants, so no one will watch, anyway.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Kansas City, Kansas/Missouri
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
St. Louis, Missouri
Tulsa, Oklahoma


During the game
Ada, Oklahoma
Grand Junction, Colorado
Joplin, Missouri
Paducah, Kentucky
Springfield, Missouri

If your city's not on the list, you don't get to rejoice just yet. The station that's airing the Big Game in the Chicago market has contested the airing of the ads, saying Terry hasn't done enough actual campaigning in the state to qualify him as a serious candidate. Terry says that they have to air the ads because of the law. The station isn't so sure. Lawsuits will most assuredly fly.

In the meantime, non-coastal sports fans unlucky enough to live in markets airing the ads, consider billing Terry and Operation Rescue for the food that you won't be able to eat after watching them.

Randall Terry's Gory Super Bowl Ad Gets Intercepted [Mother Jones]

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Violet Baudelaire

Oh my god I just read the Operation Rescue website. Their spin is amazing........ly awful.

However, their name is laughable. It just makes me want to say - Fine, yall, you want to rescue fetuses? Come right over and rescue mine from my womb. Here, take it, it's yours