Will You Be Watching "The Wanda Sykes Show" Tonight?

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"The Wanda Sykes Show" premieres tonight, taking over the 11pm slot once occupied by Fox's Saturday Night Live competitor, MadTV. One reason to root for Sykes: unlike other late night shows, she has four women on her writing staff. [NYTimes]


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Sassy Pants

I was saying this to my mom the other day...of all the women who have had their own talk shows, Ellen, Oprah, Rosie, Chelsea Handler, and now Wanda (I'm sure there are more than this), a HUGE percentage are lesbians. I wonder if that's because talk shows have always been done by men and the more "masculine" a woman seems, the less risky she is for producers to back on this type of show? I can imagine some producers worrying that a non-lesbian host would gush about how hot all of her guests are and cry if they have a bad interview with a star or get star-struck. Maybe I'm really overthinking this and really underestimating Hollywood though. Anyone else have any thoughts? #wandasykes