Will the shameless promotion of Jessica Seinfeld by her husband ever cease? In addition to insisting on his wife's utter genius as a chef and author Jerry Seinfeld has now taken to proclaiming the little missus worthy of a sitcom. Says Seinfeld, "I guess if I did another sitcom it would be about marriage. I'd just call it Mrs Seinfeld." [News.com.au]

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Hortense Smith

@cannotedit: @treecut: @foree: Yeah. There were many references by his mother that he hopes his new girlfriend is "Beeish", and there's a long sequence that involves Jerry and Renee (I can't remember their bee/human cartoon names) smacking each other across the face. Renee also eats rum cake, which I thought was a weird choice. And of course there are plenty of stinger jokes, death everywhere, Chris Rock as a mosquito who makes a joke about how mosquito women like to trade up and date Wasps, and the requisite Mexican storeroom boy who threatens to feed Jerry Bee to his iguana. There's more, but I care not to remember this early in the morning.