Dollarmenunaires take note, it's the END OF CHEAP FOOD, says the latest Economist! (Summary: corn prices are way up bc there's way more demand for corn from two constituents โ€” cars and cows. The cars are being driven by Americans, who decided to subsidize the use of corn-based "pollution solution" biofuels, and the cows are being eaten by the Chinese, who have more money now that Communism is over.) Okay, so here's where my interest comes in: does this mean Americans are finally going to get thinner; as a result of getting "greener"! I read the whole freaking story to find out...

And ugh, you know what? When filling up an SUV with pollution-free fuel wastes enough corn to feed a poor person for a year, it looks like a kinda silly policy:

The expansion of ethanol and other biofuels could reduce calorie intake by another 4-8% in Africa and 2-5% in Asia by 2020. For some countries, such as Afghanistan and Nigeria, which are only just above subsistence levels, such a fall in living standards could be catastrophic.

Anyway, the whole story is really depressing, with tales of tortilla riots in Mexico and price controls being used to mind-control in Venezuela, which is why I stopped reading and picked up Vogue. And there was a pic of Agyness Deyn. Bicycles are so hot right now! Much better solution.

Cheap No More [Economist]