Will Man Makeup Catch On? We Asked Some Regular Dudes

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A fakeish trend piece in Salon today touts a possible "new men's makeup breakthrough," and sites Zac Efron's "love of mancake foundation" along with Pete Wentz's appreciation for "guyliner" as the harbinger of the male grooming revolution. According to writer Kibum Kim, " The cosmetics industry is salivating at the prospect of opening up this still largely untapped market. The global market intelligence firm Euromonitor projects that men's skin care will continue to grow at a torrid rate." Since Efron and Wentz aren't exactly considered idols in my social circle, I decided to ask some regular dudes whether or not they would wear makeup. Of the five guys I asked (four straights, one gay), one hetero said he would wear makeup (and already does!) on a semi-regular basis, one straight said he would wear makeup if he were on TV or were photographed a lot, and the other two straights and the 'mo said hells no.


"I've rocked makeup sometimes" says the concealer-wearing straight guy. "sometimes my girlfriend makes me use something to make the bags under my eyes less fugly and sometimes, as a semi-jest, I have rocked eyeliner." Would he wear the cover-up without his girlfriend's insistence? "yeah, its possible, if I had to look good and didn't and knew no one would know." He's also been known to wear eyeliner on occasion. "It's subtle!" our man insists. The fresh faced gay says "I would be more embarrassed by makeup than a zit." One of the anti-mancake heteros says, "I can't imagine ever buying it." And finally, "No dude makeup. That shit ain't right. Men keep getting better looking with age. It's science."

So what to the ladies think about the uber-metrosexual look? The general consensus was: Not for us. "I have no problem in theory," says one friend of Jez, "but would not want to have sex with someone who wears it." Then I made her look at pictures of Pete Wentz's penis and now she really doesn't want to have sex with anyone who wears mancake or guyliner. The peanut gallery has spoken.

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@ceejeemcbeegee: I agree with you there, it is a double standard. Which is why I put that "in theory" up there. If a man wants to wear makeup, then hey go for it. Be careful with the blush, my good man, that shit gets unruly awfully quick. But that doesn't mean that I *have* to find a man in makeup attractive, just as a man doesn't have *have* to find my shaven/unshaven/braided/beaded leg hair attractive. I can present myself however I want, he can present himself however he wants and if our freakiness meshes, great! Kumbaya!

I've had a lot of caffeine, I might not be making sense. Point is, I really don't care if a guy wants to rock eyeliner. But that doesn't mean I necessarily find it attractive.