Will Jon Be Dumped In The Jungle?; Burglar Found With Lindsay's Hat, Paris' Nude Pic

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  • Jon Gosselin is planning to meet with CBS executives to talk about appearing on celebrity editions of The Amazing Race or Survivor. Wouldn't filming these particular reality shows require him to be away from his kids for weeks?

Apparently TLC's lawsuit alleging that he broke his exclusive contract with the network isn't preventing Jon from pursuing new job opportunities. [Radar Online]

  • Jon Gosselin's lawyers emailed Kate Gosselin's lawyers and said that they have $152,000 from Jon that will repay the money he took from their joint account. Jon has already paid back $28,000 of the $180,000 he owes. [TMZ]
  • Jon Gosselin's lawyer says he is now in "complete compliance" with a court order to return $180,000 to the joint bank account, but, "Unless something happens today [with Kate] she will be going through contempt proceedings Monday." Both Jon and Kate filed contempt motions against each other that will be addressed in a hearing on Monday, and Kate still needs to account for $55,000 she says she spent on household expenses. [People]
  • A judge said today that he'll dismiss the charges against Kanye West for destroying two TMZ paparazzi's cameras if he completes 50 hours of community service. Kanye said he's already attending anger management courses and TMZ isn't pressing charges because Kanye paid the company for the camera he broke. [TMZ]
  • Kanye's lawyer said he plans to serve his volunteer hours with the American Red Cross. [People]
  • Rachel J. Lee, 19, was arrested with several other women yesterday in a sting operation and accused of masterminding the recent burglaries of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, and Orlando Bloom. Sources say the women were so obsessed with celebrity fashion that they used Hollywood star maps to locate the victims' homes, then figured out when they wouldn't be home based on their public appearances so they could steal their designer clothes and jewelry. [People]
  • Sources say when Rachel Lee was arrested police found items that may have been taken from celebrities' homes including Lindsay Lohan's hat, Rachel Bilson's jeans, and a partially nude photo of Paris Hilton. [TMZ]
  • A map found on the computer of Nicholas Prugo, who is suspected of burglarizing Lindsay Lohan and Audrina Patridge, may link him to the burglarly of Orlando Bloom's house as well. [TMZ]
  • TMZ claims that evidence on Nicholas Prugo's computer shows he performed two searches for "Paris Hilton diamond watch." Paris went to the police station today to pick up some of her recovered belongings. [TMZ]
  • Though 60 tickets to This Is It were reportedly offered to the Jackson family, Katherine Jackson insists no one every offered her tickets and La Toya Jackson says, "We're not seeing it, my mother, we're not seeing it." [TMZ]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray says stopped paying child support because he had to close his office after receiving physical threats following Michael Jackson's death and can't afford to pay his ex the $13,000 he owes her. [CBS News]
  • The accounting firm Cannon and Company has filed a creditor's claim saying Michael Jackson owed the firm $56,582. [TMZ]
  • Jennifer Aniston is devestated because 14-year-old Corgi-Terrier Norman is sick. "Norman is old and hasn't been doing well. She's terrified her best friend could soon be gone," says a source. [Star]
  • Sources say Avril Lavigne has been cheating on her husband Deryk Whibley with Brandon Davis for months, and now that she and Deryk have split she's going to move in with Brandon. [Hollywood Scoop]
  • Madonna asked Guy Ritchie to look over the script she wrote for the film she's directing about Wallis Simpson and give her some casting suggestions. He said she should take a look at Mark Strong and Toby Kebbell, who both had roles in RocknRolla. [Daily Mail]
  • Madonna is heading to Malawi this weekend to lay the foundation stone for her new girls school and meet with President Bingu wa Mutharika. [Daily Express]
  • Victoria Beckham gave her younger sister Louise a £50,000 check to pay for her December wedding. "Vic just told Louise 'I don't care what it costs - it will be my Christmas present to you'. Louise was very emotional," says a friend. [The Sun]
  • Nicholas Cage says "The sadness of the story," is what drew him to his new film Astro Boy."I can't help but feel for him especially when his father rejects him," said Cage of the film's animated star. [L.A. Times]
  • Jade Goody's family settled a lawsuit against The Mirror and the picture agency NewsPics for printing private pictures of her burial. The companies will pay £35,000 in damages, as well as legal costs. [Daily Express]
  • Julian Casablancas says there's "disagreement" in The Strokes over whether the songs for their fourth album are done or not. "It's weird with the band, a band is actually a great way to ruin a friendship," he says. [NME]
  • James Jimenez will be retried for charges related to the theft of Kirsten Dunst's $2,000 purse during a movie shoot. He was convicted of misdemeanor criminal trespassing, but jurors were deadlocked on several felony burglary counts. [AP]
  • Hayden Christensen and his twin brother Tove are suing producer Phillippe Martinez because they say he drew up a contract for Haden to act in the movie Crash Bandits, which Tove would co-produce, but the film was never made. [TMZ]
  • Lisa Niemi, Patrick Swayze's widow, will participate in a discussion on Grief, Healing, and Resilience at the Women's Conference 2009 in Long Beach, California next Tuesday along with Elizabeth Edwards and Susan St. James. [People]
  • Rihanna will perform at the American Music Awards on November 22. [Ace Showbiz]
  • Music producer Chuck Harmony says of Rihanna's new album Rated R, "I think Rihanna has captured what her old fans are used to, as well as the growth of an artist. 'Russian Roulette,' to me, is a shining example of her growth and her artistic expression. "Russian Roulette' is definitely taking her to another level. I think she's a pop icon, so her music should reflect that." [MTV]
  • "I've definitely said some things that I shouldn't say," admits Megan Fox. "I sometimes forget how things will translate once they are in print. But this is a bullshit industry and I made a decision not to be a bullshit person. I need to hold onto my soul and my integrity and I can't compromise that." [Telegraph]
  • Danny DeVito says his character on It's Always Sunning in Philadelphia is "A lustful guy. He wants to always have a girlfriend. I relate to that. I love women. I mean, I'm married, but I used to get in all kinds of trouble. I love the summertime, when all the girls wear the little skimpy clothes, even my daughters. I mean, I'm not gonna lust after my daughters. I'm just saying there are women and there are men in the world, so, you know, get over it. People are going to look." [N.Y. Magazine]
  • VIDEO: While hosting the Elle Women In Hollywood Awards, Alec Baldwin told honoree Jullie Andrews,"Julie, you've got three choices: you could follow Robert Pattinson into the men's room, you could rush the stage at a Taylor Swift concert and tell her how great Henry Mancini is, or in order to publicize the Blu-Ray release of 'Sound of Music' you could release one of your own grandchildren in a balloon up in the air." [L.A. Times]
  • "Tina [Fey] is my baby girl. She's my sister from another mother of a different color. I'd do 25 to life for her. She is down like four flat tires. She pitched [30 Rock] to me like, 'Yo, this is your personality. It's your alter ego.' She always says, 'Keep the cameras rolling and let Tracy do what he do.' I love that about her." — Tracy Morgan [Playboy]

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If indeed Jon Gosselin is going on Survivor or similar, does that also mean he's away from the tabloids for weeks? And do they ever leave contestants on the island? Like, forever? #jongosselin