Will Garcia, Kors & Klum Get The Tabloid Treatment?

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If it's true that E! is trying to make an E! True Hollywood Story on Project Runway (and that the Project Runway PR folk are up in arms about it), well then, we're happier than Heidi Klum when she gets to say "goodbye" in her native German. There's so much juicy, yet unexplored, stuff about the show, like who hates who and why Elle's Anne Slowey got cut from her full-time gig after Season 1, and why Tim Gunn is celibate (and Heidi Klum is always pregnant) and maybe even why Season Two's Santino Rice once made a move to strangle Nina Garcia?


Project Runway: The E! True Hollywood Story? [Fashionista]


@incredstoteslovesit: Padma was very wooden and stilted during season 2, but she's gotten a little better, so I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Though PR is first in my heart, I'll happily take TC over any of the other crap reality contests Bravo tries to shove down our throats. And now that Ted Allen is a more constant judge, I don't need much else.