Will Call Girls Be The New Carrie Bradshaws?

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Former Esquire UK and Independent editor Rosie Boycott is at it again. In today's Daily Mail, she rants on iTV's new series, The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, starring Billie Piper (left.) (You may recall, we previously heard from a hooker and a slut.) Boycott argues: "A series like this turns women into sex objects: regardless of whether it is written by women or by men, it perpetuates the myth that women's prime reason for living is to service the wishes and desires of men. This isn't liberation, it's a new form of enslavement, born, I believe, out of the desire to look trendy in our modern world." The glamorous image of prostitution portrayed in the series doesn't jibe with the truth — Boycott points out that of the estimated 80,000 people in the UK who are prostitutes, five thousand are children. 75% of the women started selling themselves for sex when they were under 18, and most of the teenage prostitutes work the streets, unlike the character in the Call Girl series, who wears fancy lingerie and frequents boutique hotels.

Boycott also notes that in a survey of 100 women arrested in London's red light district, 53 used heroin and 73 used crack. Almost half were homeless. In another study of 115 prostitutes, 81% had experienced some kind of violence. Half had been slapped, punched or kicked. The Secret Diary Of A Call Girlproducer Chrissy Skinns (!) admits, "It's a long way from murdered hookers in detective shows." This despite the fact that in London, prostitutes are 12 times more likely to be killed than ordinary women.

Boycott writes that even if women do get "rich" from prostituting themselves, the job will never be representative of any form of sexual equality.

How can anyone believe that imitating a stripper (or a hooker), a woman whose job is to initiate arousal in men, is going to make us either more liberated or more equal? Women today can do everything a man can do: run for President, serve in the Army, play football at an international level (the fact that we can also be mothers is the greatest added bonus). So why does this new generation seem so enthusiastic about stripping off for the delectation of men?

Sexuality is a wonderful thing, part of being human and in touch, but it is complex and shouldn't be treated lightly. Women have always deserved better than to be treated as objects of men's fantasy - today just as much as then.


Think about it this way: A generation of girls who watched Sex And The City grew up wanting to swill cocktails and wear high heels. (Ever see the My Super Sweet 16 episode where two Memphis fifteen-year-olds had a SATC themed party?) Imagine if The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl becomes a hit. Will girls figure getting paid to have the cocktails, high heels and sex is even better?

Why do so many modern women think being a sex object is cool? [Daily Mail]
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Just read this before anyone starts glamorizing prostitution in general: [www.prostitutionresearch.com]

As an industry, it overwhelmingly commercializes rape. There may be women out there who willingly engage in the so-called sex trade, but they are the minority. Look at the effect it has on the women (and girls) in this "trade." No amount of sexual arousal or satisfaction from Johns justifies or cancels it and, sadly, legalizing it only justifies the idea that females are to be bought and sold to be tortured for male pleasure.

And check out this article on the child rape trade (the highest earners in prostitution are always the girls, not the women, with the youngest being the most profitable): [www.timesonline.co.uk]