Will Afghanistan's Next President be a Woman?

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Probably not. But Afghan Parliament member and now declared Presidential candidate, unabashed women's rights supporter, and overall badass Fawzia Koofi hasn't seen a battle that wasn't uphill.


When Koofi was born, her family initially condemned her to death due to her sex, but for some reason (sanity?) they opted to keep her around. She became the first girl in her family to attend school after pestering her brothers until they let them tag along with them to class. She first began working for women's rights after the fall of the Taliban in 2002.

At age 30, she was elected to parliament. Now, at 36, she's survived several assassination attempts (the most recent in 2012) and faces an uphill battle for election in a country that doesn't always take kindly to women in positions of authority. She says she expects threats against her and her two daughters, but that she's prepared.

So far, no one else has announced their desire to run for President in 2014, the same year that all foreign troops plan to withdraw from the country.

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I wonder if there is some NGO somewhere who could supply this woman with some highly competent bodyguards? Because I would donate as much as I can possibly afford for that good cause...