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Wiley Lesbian Couple Sabotages Divorce Contest

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

New Zealand radio station The Rock got a lot of flak for its plan to give away a divorce on Valentine's Day. But no criticism was as effective as what actually happened — a lesbian couple sabotaged the contest.

Leading up to the big day, media outlets assumed that the winner, Sam, was a dude. The Rock aided and abetted this by disguising Sam's voice and billing their divorce contest as a way out for men who had married "Satan in a dress." But on Valentine's Day, hosts Jono Pryor and Robert Taylor took the voice-distorter off and revealed that Sam was a lady, who allegedly wanted to divorce her husband Andy because she'd met someone else. However, when Pryor and Taylor called Andy to give him the bad news, a woman answered — it was Amber, Sam's wife, who told Pryor and Taylor there never was an Andy, and they'd just been sabotaged.


Amber and Sam went on to roundly berate the hosts for their "disgusting" contest, leaving Pryor and Taylor confused and occasionally speechless — you can listen to the whole call here. Basically, the couple had concocted the whole stunt as a way of shaming the radio station for conducting such a creepy competition. Some listeners were apparently mad that they didn't get to hear the dissolution of a marriage in real-time — said one, "What a dick move by Sam!" Another: "Civil union?......nothing civil bout that at all, what a let down." But one Matt Weldon-Smith appreciated Sam and Amber's scheme: "Loved it! So funny that they got caught out." We're with Matt on this one.

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