Wild Things: Bloggers Go P.U.M.A. Hunting In Denver

Despite their prevalence on the cable news and even on "The Daily Show," P.U.M.A. sightings in the wild Denver have been few and far between for most conventioneers. But on our way to see Hillary's speech last night, Spencer Ackerman and fellow blogger Katie Halper and I found four of them wandering out in the wild. Although we were all taught that it's a bad idea to tease wild animals and unfair to have a battle of wits with unarmed opponents, wait for the part where Katie loses her patience with stupidity (happens to the best of us) and pulls out her sarcasm gun and blasts them.

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A Small Turnip

Oh, Katie. I love deadpan. That was genuinely wonderful. "That was a good war!" Hee!

I also find blanket agreement a very useful tool when confronting The Crazies. "Absolutely. You're totally right. I wish other people could hear what you have to say. There's no way you can call yourself eligible to be president unless you've spent five years in a prison cell. No way!"

It may not be tremendously mature, but it gets me through a lot of Thanksgiving dinners, I tell ya.