Wigging Out

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The New York Times had wigs on the brain today. In addition to an obit for Nina Lawson, who headed the wig department at the Metropolitan Opera for over 30 years, the paper ran a piece on the wig artistry that went into Tina Fey's uncannily realistic Sarah Palin pompadour for Saturday's SNL. Lawson, who got her start braiding horses' tails on her father's Scottish farm, arrived at the Met in 1958 and went on to craft and care for elaborate hairpieces for everyone from Maria Callas to Pavarotti. Her level of skill is manifest when you consider the work that went into the one pseudo-Palin coif, which the designer describes as a "French twist with a '60s bouffant kind of thing, and bangs." In addition, "It's darker at the nape of the neck, and shows transitions to a lot of different colors." Whether the SNL team, like Lawson, had to clean every hair of the wig individually with Borax is not addressed. [New York Times]


MeganGlass ist eine tonne von haß

What a neat career wiggery would be. Even the word "wig" is inherently satisfying.