Wife Swap Partners: Richard Heene "Abusive"; Mayumi "Kinda Crazy"

Last night, Sheree Silver and her 15-year-old son Andrew—who appeared on Wife Swap earlier this year with the Heene family—spoke about their experiences with Balloon Family on Larry King Live. Andrew said, "Mayumi was, um, kinda crazy?"

His mother Sheree did not like Richard Heene, and claims that he tried to get her to pitch another reality show with him.

Sheree also says that Richard was as ill-behaved as his children.

Barbara Slusser—who met the Heenes two years ago when she helped Richard with a science paper he published, and subsequently worked with him as one of the Psyience Detectives—says that she severed ties with the family when Richard said that he was going to bring his children along to chase Hurricane Gustav. She felt he was endangering the lives of his children.


Erin Gloria Ryan

... at least it's not more Jon Gosselin. I prefer Richard Heene's mad scientist act to Jon Gosselin's douchebag ballet in four hundred acts any day of the week. #balloonboywifeswap