Wife Swap: Dad Disrespects, Professes Love For Big Women

Illustration for article titled iWife Swap/i: Dad Disrespects, Professes Love For Big Women

On last night's episode of Wife Swap, we got to meet a party animal repo man named Patrick, who pretty much is a composite of every goofy character Adam Sandler has ever played. He burps, farts, howls, has food fights with his children, plays video games, doesn't mind living in a messy home, and party-hops through his neighborhood in a golf cart. After "swapping wives", he ends up with a drill-sergeant type named Michelle whom he despises. He behaves worse than his 5-year-old son around her, insulting her with childish name-calling and repeatedly poking fun at how fat she is. (Note: His wife is just as, if not heavier, than Michelle.) After having an epiphany about his bad manners, he apologizes to Michelle, telling her that since he was 15, he's actually always been into large women. What a guy! Clip above.


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