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Why Yes, I Do Want to Watch RuPaul and Gigi Hadid Drive Around Los Angeles Together

Gigi Hadid did some thing for Vogue and they have now filmed her traipsing around Los Angeles in fabulous clothing to help solidify her nouveau supermodel status. But of course, no supermodel is a true supermodel without a RuPaul cosign, so if this is any indication, she’s miles ahead of her Instagram-model peers. (She also has a discernible personality, so that’s a leg up, too.)


In their drive, which is yet another thing RuPaul is really good at, Ru gives Gigi advice on how to disguise herself from the paps—a medical mask and a skullcap, which sounds both effective and like a Hood by Air runway look—and kvetches at news of her Vogue cover. Then she gets out and just walks around Rodeo Drive in a feathered party frock and orders In N Out burger from the drive-thru in pink sequins, which is totally normal.

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I think multiple ad campaigns, being in the VS fashion show, and a Vogue cover mean that Instagram models aren’t really her peers, just sayin’