A tipster tells us Paul Janka used to "date" Flavia Colgan, a leggy lefty MSNBC pundit who is yet another about-to-be-former veteran of the Famous For Philadelphia Society. I have met Flavia a few times and can attest to the fact that she is very pretty and thin and quite possibly even intelligent; she did go to Harvard, after alls. But apparently it was Janka who wasn't as interested! She was just his flavia of the month. Why would such a dignified young woman subject herself to Janka's bumpkin-y ways? I consulted her Wikipedia entry.

Flavia Monteiro Colgan is a Democratic strategist, who is an active political contributor on MSNBC and serves as a special correspondent for Extra.

Her mother, Maria, is Brazilian and her father, Kevin, is Irish American. They divorced two years after her birth. Shortly thereafter, Colgan's mother wed William T. Coleman III, a partner at the law firm of Pepper, Hamilton & Scheetz and son of William Thaddeus Coleman, Jr. (former Secretary of Transportation under President Gerald Ford, the second African American to hold a cabinet post, and winner of a 1995 Presidential Medal of Freedom). They moved from Philadelphia to Detroit. Later, Coleman would become General Counsel to the United States Army when his law school roommate, Bill Clinton, was elected president.

Colgan's father taught in the School District of Philadelphia. Every weekend she flew from Detroit to Philadelphia to be with him. At age 11, Colgan's mother moved to the Dominican Republic where they lived in Santo Domingo.

Returning to Detroit when she was 13, she attended four different high schools. She spent her tenth grade year in Fairfield, Iowa, while her father attended graduate school. Colgan returned to school in Michigan for her junior year at The Roeper School and completed high school at The Shipley School, a private school in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.


Whoa whoa whoa! That's a lot of names and places and obscure references and moving around and random factoids to be gleaned by some random Wikipedia admin! But actually, maybe this cuts to the heart of it:

Colgan's latest endeavour is "Miracle Quest" a program on the Travel Channel. Miracle Quest will take Colgan to Europe where she will examine the stigmata of Padre Pio, the healing waters of Lourdes and the miracle of San Gennaro as she interviews locals, churchmen, believers and skeptics.

Oh! Maybe she was just trying to save him. Sigh.

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