Why Wegmans Covered Adele's Cosmo Cover

Illustration for article titled Why Wegmans Covered Adele's Cosmo Cover

Yesterday, a tipster pointed out that her local Wegmans in Rochester, NY appeared to have covered up Adele's cleavage on the cover of December's Cosmo. Now Wegmans has gotten back to us with the reason: they cover all Cosmos.


A rep for the grocery chain reached me by phone today, and explained that for over a year, the store has placed a "plastic blinder" over the cover of all issues of the magazine. The reason: customers with children had been complaining about the risque cover lines and revealing photos. The rep explained that the store didn't necessarily agree with the criticisms, but found it necessary to respond. They did so not by removing the magazine from checkout stands, where customers who actually wanted to buy it were accustomed to finding it, but simply by partially covering it. This jibes with the email we got from another tipster last night, who said, "I went regularly to the Wegman's north of Baltimore until a few months ago [...] and they always had the Cosmo issue covered up." So there you have it: Wegmans has nothing against Adele, her cleavage, or her leopard dress. They're just responding to parents who don't want their kids learning about "fierce sex" at the grocery store.


Cosmo always always always has "Sex Tips" or "100 Ways to Drive Him Wild/Get Him to Scream Your Name/Make Him Jizz Like a Fire Hose" in the top-right corner. How many sex tips do they think people really need? Are long-time Cosmo subscribers like sexual ninjas?