slutmachine: some girl from Rolling Stone wants to write about my blog
slutmachine: i feel to fat too email her back right now. i just got my period today
slutmachine: i'll sit on a it for a minute
Moegetsaround: ahhahha too fat to email
slutmachine: hahaha
Moegetsaround: i'm too fat to masturbate right now
Moegetsaround: that's a bad place to be

Moegetsaround: i also don't know exactly WHY i am suddenly so fat
Moegetsaround: i walked 5 mi yday and i barely ate
slutmachine: i did something really disgusting earlier
slutmachine: i have no food in my house
slutmachine: except i had this little bag of cape cod potato chips that i brought back from my parents house
slutmachine: and i don't even like potato chips
slutmachine: but i have my period so i needed to eat something
Moegetsaround: hahaha you're CONFESSING to a SINGLE BAG of chips???
slutmachine: so i melted american cheese on them in the microwave
Moegetsaround: i love it.
Moegetsaround: ooooooh yum
slutmachine: it was so good
slutmachine: so white trash
Moegetsaround: I'm totally doing that right fucking now.
Moegetsaround: By which I mean, microwaving cheese on something kind of random
Moegetsaround: I don't have chips
Moegetsaround: but maybe frosted mini-wheats?