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Why The Sad Glare Of Resignation, Hillary? Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!

Illustration for article titled Why The Sad Glare Of Resignation, Hillary? Wait, Wait, Dont Tell Me!
  • Hillary's push to seat Michigan and Florida despite Harold Ickes' vote to sanction the two states for holding their primaries early: breathtaking cynicism or heroic self-sacrifice? [TPM]
  • McCain rejected the endorsement of that pastor who called the Catholic Church "the great whore." I'm not getting something here. I mean, sure, everyone knows by now that "whore" is a slur suggestive of misogyny, but the "Great Sex Worker" just lacks a certain ring, you know? [CNN]
  • Anyway devout Catholic Bobby Jindal isn't letting the whole mess keep him away from McCain's running mate race! He's hanging out this weekend at the ranch with Charlie Crist (yikes! too much skin cancer for one presidential ticket!) and Mitt Romney. It's so Apprentice of them! And like, Bobby could tell the story of that time he witnessed an exorcism in the confessional…[AP]
  • Abstinence education: Ted Kennedy's brain tumor was probably caused by herpes. [Radar]
  • 62% of Americans think the government should tax the wealthy more and 78% of them think the income gap is too wide. By my estimate that's pretty much anyone with a household income less than $78,000. Fascinatingly, countries that already tax the rich a whole lot like Japan and Germany are more favorable to the whole notion while countries with less-developed social services like China and Italy are more skeptical. If you are familiar with common ethnic stereotypes and/or the work of my old professor Francis Fukuyama this will make total sense. [WSJ]

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@Erin-MJ: Easy, killer — if you read the Wired story, you'll see the only thing that was irresponsible about it was the headline. The reporting was sound.