Why The Fuck Are You Working Today?

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We're three whores down right now, which is why I am in charge and thereby writing this relatively pointless post. There's nothing really going on anyway. (I swear, check out Drudge: the GIANT OMG HEADLINE that Obama has wayyyyyy fallen in the Iowa polls is totally from like yesterday.) What does all this tell me? We, my friends, are the only ones at work today. (Request: will one of you make some motherfucking news pretty please?) Which is why I found it doubly annoying to find on the front of the CNN homepage one of those stories about how young people "expect their employees to provide more perks and benefits than their older counterparts."


Now, this story, by virtue of the fact that it's about workers under the age of 29 — they're Gen Y for purposes of feeling entitled, but Gen X for the purposes of not getting laid enough — does not apply to me. But! I don't think of 28-year-olds as an entirely different totally delusional class of workers. Who really among us expects to be treated all special-and stuff? I am pretty sure I expect much less than my parents did when they were my age because when they were my age they had two kids and a mortgage to worry about and they never worked the day after Christmas. Because it was, you know, a HOLIDAY. Whatevs. Rant here.



@TheUptightMidwesterner: In a non-related but completely fictitous event, GW Bush issued an apology to the people of the US, and asked for the resignation of Mr. Cheney. He also issued funds to reinstate family planning services in all 50 states and to provide reality based sex education for all children ages 7 and up.