Why, Oh Why, Is There No Plan B For Hangovers?

OMG! Did you know you can have unprotected sex and not even use the surefire (heh) withdrawal method and make it all better the next day without even going to Planned Parenthood? Ok yeah so the morning-after pill has allegedly been available over the counter for a year. HOW COME WE'VE NEVER SEEN IT AT THE DUANE READE? Neither has Emily. Is this a "duh" thing? Is it the same reason the Supreme Court is five-ninths trying to take your choice away from you or something we read in Elle? We've been too balls-deep in celebucon news to know. Please explain.

Also, incidentally, our dad sat us down when we were like thirteen and explained to us that the "morning after pill" was actually just a big form of contraception and not a small form of abortion, which is about as frank as sex ed talks go when you're Catholic. So WHY THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT CONTROVERSIAL IT IS CLEARLY PREVENTING ALL SORTS OF FETUS TERMINATION. Please explain, readers who are younger.

Plan B Use Surges, And So Does Controversy [Washington Post]

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