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Why Not Spend Your Holiday at Australia's Premiere Mega Brothel?

Illustration for article titled Why Not Spend Your Holiday at Australias Premiere Mega Brothel?

Stiletto, a boutique hotel and brothel in downtown Sydney, has recently been given the go-ahead to start on a 40 room, multi million dollar expansion, making it the largest sex premises in all of Australia. Rooms go for an hourly rate of approximately $370 (the price includes drinks and a lady of your choice).


Plans for Stiletto's expansion were initially put on hold when the Sydney city council objected, citing that the remodeling was too big (they didn't mean it, but, hey, it's their job to flatter), however the owners won their appeal with the Land and Environment Court this week, with Commissioner Susan O'Neill saying, "As a sex premises is a legal land use and permissible... with consent, moral objections to the proposal are not relevant considerations." O'Neill added that "Stiletto's operation to date had been assessed by the council as acceptable and better than most brothels in the city, and the proposed expansion to 40 rooms had addressed traffic and other concerns."

The expansion will include a group wing with multi-bed rooms and, good news for you billard-heads out there, pool tables. Fun, yes, but what is their continental breakfast like?


Australian mega-brothel gets go-ahead [AFP]

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but what is their continental breakfast like?

Probably a roll in bed with some honey