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Why is Roseanne Barr Aligning Herself with Anonymous and Calling Herself "Rononomous?"

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A rape case in Steubenville, Ohio, involving some members of the city's beloved football team has drawn national attention. The Times said that it was a notable case because it was "a sexual assault accusation in the age of social media, when teenagers are capturing much of their lives on their camera phones ... and then posting it on the Web, like a graphic, public diary." There were some images of the crime uploaded to Twitter and Instagram that show the unconscious girl being carried around.

A sub-group of the hacker collective Anonymous called KnightSec has taken up the case and has planned a protest in Steubenville this afternoon. Over the past month, they have hacked the football team's website twice and released some personal information about the accused members of the football team.

Former Presidential candidate and television star Roseanne Barr is now aligning herself with the group after seeing their support of the Stubenville victim. She gave herself an extreme Twitter makeover over the holiday weekend, changing her background and display picture to a mashup of her face and the Guy Fawkes mask. She has previously said that V for Vendetta is the only movie that she likes.


When complimented on the profile change, Barr had only one word to say:

@kateaurthur rononomous

— Roseanne Barr (@TheRealRoseanne) December 28, 2012

Barr is a manic Tweeter and she often spends hours at a time responding personally to her fans and critics. She told some members of Anonymous how she truly felt about their organization on Thursday night:

@malulz @kyanonymous anonymous has shifted the balance of the world for good! #proudgrandmother

— Roseanne Barr (@TheRealRoseanne) December 28, 2012

But this isn't Barr's first experience with the group. Earlier this year, she had an all out brawl with Anonymous after a simple misunderstanding led the popular account @YourAnonNews to call for her head:

Presidential candidate, @therealroseanne, has taken to twitter to attack #Anonymous and many outspoken Anons. The hive is many, #ExpectUs

— Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) June 17, 2012

It seems she has let bygones be bygones and is now fully in support of a group that once attacked her. Also, "Pedos r in charge," in case you didn't know:

Pedos r in charge

— Roseanne Barr (@TheRealRoseanne) December 29, 2012

[Image via Twitter]

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