Vengeance, which just premiered at the Palais Des Festivals during the 62nd International Cannes Film Festival, brought out Kristen Scott Thomas and Co. with all the chic that, a stuffed dog purse.

The Good:

Tan Zhuo's dainty Ondine-ish flapper gown is absolutely lovely.

The fit of the bodice is a touch dodgy, perhaps, but Virginie Ledoyen looks as flawlessly Parisian-elegant as always.


Is Liliane Murenzi's Lady in Red reinventing the wheel? Maybe not, but she looks classic red-carpet glam.


If you're going to go Grecian, go totally Vionnet Grecian, like Melita Toscan du Plantier!

Kristen Scott Thomas, despite having a touch of "Kate" about the hair, is unassailably chic.


The Barbie look, as modeled by Laetitia Holliday, is so over-the-top as to be delightful! Plus, there's no way to fall over, always a good thing when one's feet are at a permanent 45-degree angle.

The Bad:


Okay, it's not that Actress/singer Lio doesn't look great, or that this isn't artfully constructed, but this is the apotheosis of this trend and it screams "Spring '09" like a banshee.

If one is to wear an aggressively 80's-inflected Trumperama, the fit had better be spot-on, unlike Hofit Golan's.


One hates to imagine seamstresses laboring over the application of sequins which are destined to make an arrow straight towards the core, as romance writers would have it. Jinx, Michelle Yeoh looks lovely, though.

What Say You?


Phoebe Price is looking unusually demure, but how do you feel about the bold choice to pair her gown with a picture hat?

The Ugly - Which of Course Actually Means Awesome

May i draw your attention to Fiona Gelin's purse, belt, and jacket?

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